Thursday, July 24, 2008

Saw 5 First Official Teaser Trailer

The first official teaser trailer of Saw 5, the fifth opus of the Saw movie series under the direction of David Hackl, has been released:

His love is everlasting.
His gift is life.

This Halloween belongs to Saw V!


Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) still has a lot of tricks in his bag: the trap show in this Saw 5 trailer is horrible! A horror movie like Saw 5 will make Halloween much more interesting!

By the way the soundtrack of this Saw 5 trailer is the song Be Thou My Vision with a voice mimicking Ginny Owens' voice.

Update: looks like Ginny Owens did not appreciate the trick, and Lionsgate released a new teaser to avoid to talk longer with her lawyers:

I still prefer the female voice, but both teasers are scary!


Thomas said...

Rocketown Records told SAW V they are not allowed to use Ginny Owens' song Be Thou My Vision for their movie trailer.

I wonder why Saw V felt they still could use Ginny Owens song after being told NO you cannot use it?

Anonymous said...

I did NOT appreciate their comparing Jigsaw to Christ in this trailer. The worst thing is that Lionsgate does not have a way to contact them on their website.

Anonymous said...

They were told not to use the song with the original musicians voice, so they got someone else to sing it and (I assume) thats allowed.

| Enk. | said...

Can I have that song please?

Anonymous said...

hello bald man, i want to play a game, how about cricket haha :)

Anonymous said...

yes i would also like to know who the male voice of this version is.
Does anyone know??

Anonymous said...

This movie is brilliant, i was lucky enough to see it!!! cant wait for the sixth one to come out! The ending is so good and leaves you in suspence. Why does it even matter who plays the guys voice? Its a cool song.

I have all saw's

the trailer is good

and just a hint the guy with the box doesnt die.