Thursday, October 16, 2008

Saw 5 Soundtrack

Tobin Bell is Jigsaw in Saw 5.The soundtrack of Saw 5 is available by now. Here the track list of the Saw V soundtrack:

1. Trap Attacks - Charlie Clouser

2. True Believer - Testament

3. Death And Destruction (Remix) - Ministry

4. What's Next (The Blood & Sand Mix) - Filter

5. Thanks Again, Again - The Almighty

6. The Banishment - Prong

7. The Dawning Of Doom - Die Krupps

8. Power Player - Clutch

9. ugLi - Skinny Puppy

10. Strangers - William Control

11. Unlaced - Emilie Autumn

12. Blood And Music - Fixmer/McCarthy

13. Wizard Of Sextown - The Revolting Cocks

14. Date Of Expiration (Expired) - Funker Vogt

15. What It Takes - Charlie Clouser

The soundtrack and its songs are available at amazon, you may check them below:

I'm a bit sad that the song Be Thou My Vision, which was on the first trailer, is not on the soundtrack of Saw 5. I'm quite it is because of Ginny Owens' lawyers....

For Halloween should accept no treat from them: they just deserve tricks! Maybe even Saw-esque traps?